Vintage Dresses

We have made it our mission to find the most unique, one of a kind vintage wedding dresses from across the globe. Why choose vintage? The vintage wedding dresses can be a little intimidating to some but they are not to be over looked. A vintage wedding dress is one of a kind, there is a romance to its history, it is an ethical purchase, giving new life to these gorgeous gowns. We completely understand that buying a vintage wedding dress can at times be a little tricky as there is only one. We always suggest to try it on if you find yourself drawn to the dress even if you are unsure why, we are here to assist with alteration suggestions and have a wonder woman seamstress we recommend Xxx

As our vintage gowns can range anywhere in age from 10 to 110years it is expected that some pieces may have minor flaws. The history of our clothing will enhance the charm and authenticity of a piece. Xxx